Enterprise Resource Planning

One of the ERP systems we propose is “NETSIS” and “LOGO” systems

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Mobile Information Services

Təkmilləşən texnologiya ilə hüdudları məcbur edən, müştərinin ehtiyaclarına və istəklərinə hər an cavab verə biləcək bir texnoloji infrastrukturaya malik olan MOBİS, korporativ və fərdi müştəri ehtiyaclarına xidmət göstərir və həllər hazırlayır.

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Human resources

HRM 360 (Human Resources System)

Human Resources is one of those departments which need attention in formation and application of it. Because This department involves almost in all internal and external procedures of company.

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Infrastructure solutions

Network infrastructure

Şirkətimiz İKT infrastrukturunun yaradılması, dəstəklənməsi və inkişafına yönəlik xidmətlər təklif edir.

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About us

“AtaTechnology” LLC has been incorporated by “AtaHolding” LLC in 2004. The company performs activities in the field of information and communication technologies and successfully operates in Azerbaijani market by cooperating with the leading companies of the world in this field.

Presentation of a variety of IT-solutions on the market is one of the main objectives of “AtaTechnology” LLC. Company’s products are designed to speed up and ensure efficiency of business processes. That is why “ATATechnology” LLC is cooperating with many famous foreign companies as “Microsoft” , “Oracle” , “HP”, “Cisco”, “Yaz”,” Netsis”. Besides it, “ATATechnology” LLC realizes the sale, the variety of software, hardware and implementation of all kinds of computers and equipment services in information technologies sector.

The company well known with establishment of the “Enterprise Resource planning” systems in the field of software is the distributor of “Netsis” A.S. that is one of the leading companies of Turkey since 2005. The company having great experience in automation of accounting, warehousing, sale, logistics, production, human resources accounting and other works of big companies and organizations has implemented a number of successful projects.

“AtaTechnology” LLC has been also known as a reliable company in the market in the field of tourism and hotel business with the projects in the hotels such as “Excelsior hotel Baku”, “Sheraton”, “Ramada Hotel Baku”, “Ramada Hotel Ganja”, “Landmark Hotel Baku”, “Hilton Baku”, “Shah Palace”, “Shirvan Hotel”, “Modern Hotel” and etc.

Some serious projects have been implemented owing to “Netsis” ERP system for big production and sales enterprises. Thus having signed a number of large projects as “Bismak” LLC, “Nurgun Group”, “NJT 2000”, “BTQ”, “Delta-Group”, “Atropatena” CJSC, “Atena” and others, “AtaTechnology” LLC is considered as one of the reliable partner that offers special solutions to the clients in the market today.

“AtaTechnology” LLC being one of the local partners in Azerbaijan of the “Microsoft” that is one of the leading companies in the world has implemented a number of large projects on licensing of software products. So that, in 2012, it has implemented the project of licensing of operations systems, databases, office programs for personal computers (600 pes) and server (80 pes) equipments that are used by “AtaHolding” LLC and its branch companies. In addition, it has implemented projects with the companies as “Azlnterbiznes” LLC, “Sinergy Group” OJSC, “AAC” LLC, “Renaissance Construction Azerbaijan”, “Alterf’ LLC, “Baki Sigorta” OJSC in the field of licensing for the last 3 years.

Having signed a number of projects as “Silver Partner” of the “HP” company in the field of ICT equipments, our company is stepping ahead successfully in this field today. We execute sale of “server”, computers, network and printing equipments and maintenance as well. A number of projects have been implemented by using the hardware and software products of the “HP” company in regard of establishment of network infrastructure, computer, server and databases in several large projects. So that, we can show the following companies as example during the last 5 years “Azpetrol” LLC, “Chinar Hotel & SPA Naftalan”, “AFC”, “Caspian Sea Resort”, “ADIF”, “Azerbaijan Sanaye Sigorta” OJSC, “Saybernet” LLC, “AzerTurkBank” OJSC, “AFBBank” OJSC and etc.

Large infrastructure projects have been implemented with the notable companies of the country as “AtaBank” OJSC performing services like purchasing and installation of ICT equipment for reestablishment of the bank’s ICT system as well establishment of its back-up copy. One of the important contracts signed in 2011 was with “Renaissance Construction Azerbaijan” LLC. The project completed in 2013 was also about purchase and installation of ICT equipments for the company’s head office situated in Baku and construction related offices located in Shirvan city, as well as establishment of the back-up copy. Technical support services were performed to the client after installation of the equipments too.

It should be noted that our company not only provides the sector of information technology with technical support, it also provides our valuable customers with constant operational services. In accordance with the requirements of customers we provide operational support “on site” and “distance”. Our technical support service is carried out as a form of “annual technical support” and “the only technical support”.

Being one of the local partners of “Cisco Systems” (one of the significant manufacturer of large network, “IP telephony”, security, camera and etc. in the world), “AtaTechnology” LLC has implemented a number of large projects in this field. Those projects include “the Embassy of the Republic of the Argentina”, “Azpetrol” LLC, “AtaBank” OJSC, “AtaSigorta” OJSC, “Seabak” LLC and etc.

“AtaTechnology” LLC being the “gold partner” of the “Oracle” company for the last years is operating in the local market in the directions of “business intelligence” and “DB” direction.

The company is the local partner of the companies “Symantec”, “Kaspersky” and “Dr.web” for antivirus systems. A number of large projects have been implemented in this direction too. They include “Azerbaijan University”, “the State Committee of Azerbaijan Republic for Standardization, Metrology and Patents”, “the State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan Republic” and etc.

The company offering value added services to the corporate customers in the mobile market under the brand name of “Mobis” (Mobile Information Services) acts with the new interested projects by using advanced mobile technologies in this field.

Beginning from the establishment date, “AtaTechnology” LLC pays special attention to the staff training and professionalism and mainly preferred the quality. Engineers currently prevail among 20 employees of the company. Our staff is specialized in sales, project management and technical support departments and this serves to continue the customer satisfaction policy of our company regularly.

Misson and vision